Supplies for Piping Contractors

Winter effects on pipingThe Northeastern United States is crazy in the winter. Especially this winter where it seems the temperature is going to be a few degrees colder than other years. It means that your pipes are more in danger than usual from issues like; freezing and expanding, rusting, and leaking or bursting.

Damage Caused to Pipes During the Winter

You may wonder; why do pipes freeze and expand in the winter? When water freezes, it reaches maximum density and expands. When this happens to a pipe, the water’s expansion due to becoming ice creates stress and strain on the inner lines. Eventually, the pipe has so much strain that it bursts from too much tension.

If a pipe is deep enough underground, pipes can be protected from the cold. If running water is continuously run, freezing is preventable. However, if the running water stream is cold, the pipes can strain and crack. With a build-up of pressure, this crack can become a leak or worse, an expensive pipe rupture.

If you have the previously used lead pipes still, the lead pipes are prone to rusting through the constant contact of oxygen in the water. Rusting of the pipes causes weaknesses in the pipes that make them susceptible to bursting.

If you have experienced any of these issues, you may need new pipes or tubing. Thankfully, Detroit Nipple Works provides many pipe dimensions and weights for all needed purposes. This with the fact that the pipes come in any desired material at a good price makes it an even better choice. 


Detroit Nipple Works provides supplies for piping contractors in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts and all the way up to Maine. So, if you need any supplies for your winter piping ordeals, fill out our quote form and contact us today.