Slip-On Flanges

Designed with an inside diameter slightly larger than that of the pipe being used, slip-on flanges are used for preventing leaks and providing strength. Although they tend to be more low cost than other types of flanges, a slip on flange allows less room for error when cutting a pipe. Because of the design of the slip on flange (also referred to as an SO flange), it is not necessary to have an exact cut on pipe length.

Slips on pipe flanges are available at Detroit Nipple Works in all grades of steel material including:

  • Carbon slip-on pipe flanges
  • Stainless steel slip on pipe flanges
  • Alloy slip on pipe flanges

Applying slip-on flanges

When applying an SO flange during a project, a connection with the pipe or tube is made with two fillet welds. Depending on the type of slip on flange, you may need to use both an outside weld, and an inside weld. Some slip on flanges require only and outside weld.

For more information on  slip on flanges, or to find out if slip on flanges are the best option for your application contact Detroit Nipple Works today.