Seamless Mechanical Tubing Available At Detroit Nipple Works

When it comes to high-stress applications, seamless steel mechanical tubing is the tubing you are looking for. Commonly used in industrial, automotive, or oil and gas applications seamless mechanical tubing can ensure high levels of toughness. In addition, some applications are more demanding than others. This is why a seamless tube with these qualities is important. Also, we understand the importance of a sound structure with any application. With this in mind, we produce seamless mechanical tubing to meet required specifications.

Types of Seamless Mechanical Tubing

There are two ways that mechanical seamless tubing can be furnished. 

  • Cold-drawn mechanical tubing
  • Hot-finished mechanical tubing

Both offer a strong, seamless tubing option. Although there are only two ways to furnish this type of tubing, it is available in a variety of alloy or carbon grades. Detroit Nipple Works offers seamless mechanical tubing sized for your application needs. 

Seamless Mechanical TubingCommon Applications for This Type of Tubing

  • Automotive Applications– Typically used for bearings, bushings, or spacers for cars, trucks, aircraft, trains, or buses
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Hydraulic Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Production

Seamless mechanical tubing is a go to when the selected tubing requires specific alloys or a thick wall. It’s superior durability will ensure it is strong enough for the job at hand. 

Order Tubing From Detroit Nipples Works

Detroit Nipple Works offers a wide range option when ordering seamless mechanical tubing. First, know the specifications of your application. This will determine the dimensions and wall thickness for your order.  If you need help determining the type of seamless mechanical tubing that is right for your needs, our piping professionals are standing by to help you. 

Contact Detroit Nipple Works today to order our mechanical tubing for any application. 

Shipping is available on all orders in the United States. Also, ask your piping specialist for more information on shipping seamless mechanical tubing.