Hydraulic Pipe and Tubing

Hydraulic TubingCreating a hydraulic piping system is very different from a plumbing system which carries water from point A to point B. With hydraulic systems, the material being transferred is pressurized. Meaning, the simplest flaw can cause problems within your transfer. Whether it is a seal, crack, or improper measurements of the tubing, these can cause major problems in your connection. Understanding how to properly install a hydraulic piping system is very important.

Most commonly used in manufacturing or construction equipment, hydraulic piping delivers liquid to the machine resulting in the machine to power up and continue functioning. Maintenance on hydraulic systems is very important. This is because one small problem can result in major trouble or harm to the individual operating the equipment. The hydraulic tubing system allows operators of the machinery to control the flow of pressure which changes the amount of power exerted by the machine.

Hydraulic Tubing Sizing

As with any piping project understanding the proper size needed for the job is critical. With hydraulic systems, it can be even more critical to ensure that you have the proper materials. Having hydraulic pipes that are too small or too large for the job at hand, can create different problems. Having large hydraulic tubing will still allow your system to function. Although the larger the hydraulic piping you buy, the more you pay.

Because hydraulic piping systems require a lot of maintenance, purchasing replacement parts for a job that really requires smaller tubing to be used, can cost you a lot more than you actually need to spend. Too small of hoses can cause your machinery to not work or fail, due to the fact that they may be unable to withstand the pressure needed for your equipment to function properly. Knowing the measurements of both length and diameter is very important to ensure success.

Detroit Nipple Works carries all of the various sizes of hydraulic tubing needed for your job. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about hydraulic tubing. With sizes available for practically any job, we are sure to provide you with what you need.



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