Globe Valves

When choosing the proper type of valve for the application at hand, it is very valvesimportant to understand the type of flow, or how you are trying to impact the flow within the pipeline. Unlike a ball valve, globe valves are used to regulate flow within a pipeline. Mainly used for applications which require frequent operation or throttling, globe valves are used in applicationq which typically remain shut unless the liquid is being used.

Depending on the type of liquid being transferred changes which type of material you will need for your globe valve. Conditions that affect this are pressure, controlled media, or temperature. For non-corrosive applications it is common to use carbon steel. For more corrosive or erosive materials, you may want to opt in to a globe valve which contains a body coating or exotic alloy.

Although most globe valves are typically two-port valves, there are also three-port valves used mainly for straight flow configuration. For more corrosive fluids there are also angle globe valves which contain a special design allowing fluids to drain off preventing corrosion or even clogging of the valve.

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