Galvanized Steel Conduit Nipples

galvanized steel conduit nipples

Nipples are fittings that have a short pipe piece that comes with a pipe thread. These small pieces help connect two fitting together. While nipples are common in plumbing, they are fundamental in other industries. As a result, you can find nipple fittings everywhere. However, it is important to get fittings that fit your needs and can stand the test of time. When it comes to durability and rust resistance, nothing is better than galvanized steel conduit nipples

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel

Since you know what nipples are, let’s discuss galvanized steel. In order to created galvanized steel, it needs to go through the galvanizing process. During this process, steel or iron is coated with zinc to prevent rusting. Although there are different processes, we use hot-dip galvanizing. The reaction between the hot zinc and steel creates a coating that prevents corrosion. Pipes and nipples that go through this process are tough. In addition, they have a longer lifespan compared to others. Because of this, galvanized material is cost-effective. However, galvanized steel nipples need to be connected to similar material. Otherwise, it will not be secure. Due to this, galvanized steel is used outside and underground. But what about the conduit part? 


Now that you know what galvanized steel is, it is time to explain what Galvanized Steel Conduit Nipples are. While there are many applications, these conduit nipples serve a specific purpose. They connect to galvanized steel conduit pipes. These pipes have a  specific use. While it shares the same strength and resistance as normally galvanized steel, these conduits are in electrical systems. Conduit nipples keep pipes together and can endure the electrical currents applied to them. These pipes typically provide protection for electrical wires. Because of this, industries use these galvanized steel conduit nipples to secure their electrical systems. These products allow pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and other industries to function. 

Galvanized Conduit Nipples at Detroit Nipple Works

For decades, Detroit Nipple Works have been producing products for many industries. Our company supplies fittings and pipes to local and international companies. In addition, our extensive experience in metalworking guarantees the quality of our work. We have over 500 galvanized nipples available. Furthermore, we supply galvanized steel pipes. However, our products are not limited to galvanized steel. Our company provides a variety of nipples, pipes, and fittings to fit your needs. Each of our products is made from different materials and treatments. Furthermore, our products extend to flanges, valves, pipe coupling, and more!

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