Custom Door Handles and Other Features

Custom Door Handles Are you a bar or restaurant owner? How about remodeling your game room or bar at home? At Detroit Nipple Works, we have been supplying business owners with materials to make custom features to stand out from the crowd. Custom metal features such as metal door handle, footrests, handrails and light fixtures really give a unique look to your establishment. 

Every business is looking for an advantage over the competition, why not have a look that sets you apart. At Detroit Nipple Works, we can supply you with all the materials you need for your custom remodel. We offer stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum pipe, copper pipe, brass pipe and many other products to choose from.

Custom Fixtures and Custom Door Handles

No matter what your designers or fabricators can come up with, we have the materials they need to build their creations.  Also, besides just pipe, we offer fittings, flanges, and other parts to make your fixtures look great. In addition, many local businesses have used our pipes and nipples when making their fixtures.

No matter what size or amount of pipe and tubing you need, we can supply you.  A simple thing such as two pipes, a couple of fittings and flanges can really make your door stand out with custom door handles. At Detroit Nipple Works, we have been supplying companies with pipe and tubing for over 80 years and we are your metal experts. Furthermore, we can answer any question you may have about metal and give you advice on the proper material to use. 

Give us a call today at 1.888.698.7888 and see what the experts at Detroit Nipple Works can do for you. With our materials and your designs, your bar or restaurant will have a beautifully unique look that no other company has. Finally, place your order today, you will be glad you did!