Blind Flanges

Used to stop the flow in a pipeline by using a solid disk, there is no opening contained in blind flanges to allow fluid to pass through. Instead, one places the blind flange between open flanges creating a block, thereby stopping the flow of a liquid through the pipeline. They typically have holes that are machined to match those of what might be a connecting flange or valve. Also, that would be in that place.Steel Blind Flanges

In many cases, a blind flange is used when a repair is needed at a point further up the pipeline. Using a blind flange will allow one to disconnect the flanges further downstream without creating a spill or leak. A blind flange is used commonly when a new valve needs to be installed or to shut down a pipeline that is no longer needed for use.

Advantages of Blind Flanges

  • A much more cost-efficient way to seal a pipe when doing repairs
  • Blind flanges are convenient to install
  • They can save a good amount of time and money

Because valves may be located extremely far, even miles from where the work needs to be done, a blind flange allows you to stop the flow of fluid much closer to the job site. Valves are also known to stick and are very expensive to replace depending on the type of valve being used. The less you have to mess with a valve the slimmer the chances you have of breaking it. So where a shutoff valve might be used, the placement of blind flanges may suffice.

Many who construct a pipeline will incorporate a blind flange into the ending length of the pipeline. Doing this allows for the necessary continuation or expansion of the pipeline.

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