Piping Nipples Used in HVAC Work

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is the technology of vehicular environmental comfort. Its main goal is to provide acceptable indoor air quality to residential structures. HVAC is known for its important role in apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, and single-family homes. Understanding the different varieties of energy-efficient HVAC systems, pipe fittings and piping nipples can ultimately […]

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Ductile Iron Pipe Threading

In applications that require transferring or distributing potable water, the ductile iron pipe is typically the go-to choice of material. Why is this? The inside of ductile iron pipe threading is typically highly resistant to corrosion.  The interior of the ductile iron pipe is commonly lined with cement mortar to help extend the lifespan of […]

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The Different Uses Of Pipe

A pipe has a large variety of uses. Steel pipe can be used for automotive purposes such as roll bars and exhausts. In addition, other uses include fixtures, such as door handles, footrests, and other retail fixtures. Of course, steel pipe is used in industries such as oil, gas, nuclear power, natural gas, and mining. Uses […]

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Supplier for Machine Shops and Fabricators

Mechanical tubing used in modern irrigation systems

Did you know that Detroit Nipple Works specializes in supplying mechanical tubing for many local Machine Shops? Those and pretty much any place that does CNC machining. We also supply tubing for many fabricators locally as well as nationwide for that matter. Midwest Supplier of CNC Machine Shops There are literally thousands of machine shops […]

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Using Pipe for Decorations

Brass pipe for metal bed

Industrial pipes are not just used for waterways. In fact, you can use them to create unexpected Do It Yourself (DIY) pipe decoration projects. Many people are making DIY home decor and furniture out of stainless steel pipes for their interior homes. Everything from hanging beds, light fixtures and benches to curtain rods and shelving […]

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