New Construction in Detroit is Part of Rebirth

Detroit, Michigan is going through a positive rebirth. In recent years, the unemployment rate has decreased from the highest 19 % to a low 8.8 %. Furthermore, Detroit’s poverty rate is significantly lower now than in recent years. With the positive changes occurring, the city of Detroit is improving through new construction and development. Detroit […]

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Tariffs and Trade Wars Effect On The United States

Tariffs and Trade Wars Effect On The United States

No matter which way you lean politically, the trade wars and imposed tariffs are affecting manufacturing all across the whole country. While claims that the tariffs are helping the U.S. steel industry it is also hurting other industries. Industries such as the solar power sector, auto industry, and civil aircraft are all hurting. It is […]

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Hydraulic Pipe and Threading

Hydraulic pipe provides transportation for fluid from one component to another. The three main liquids that will pass through a hydraulic pipe include petroleum oil, synthetic oil, and liquid with a high water content. Also, it is a very important part of the hydraulic system. The hose has to be able to tightly bend around […]

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Special End Finishes for Pipe Nipples

Piping system can vary drastically depending on the application. Because of the varied applications, different special end finishes for pipe nipples may be required. Not all pipe nipples or pipe fittings are the same and all serve different purposes. We provide special end finishes for pipe nipples like: Straight pipe thread Roller cut  Reamed and […]

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Offshore Drilling – Oil Rig Pipe and Parts

Detroit Nipple Works supplies pipe nipples, fittings, tube and pipes to the oil industry. This we’ve written about before, but we haven’t really mentioned offshore drilling. In areas of the western or central part of the Gulf of Mexico as well as Florida, oil rigging is very common. When oil is extracted from the ground, […]

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