Special End Finishes for Pipe Nipples

Piping system can vary drastically depending on the application. Because of the varied applications, different special end finishes for pipe nipples may be required. Not all pipe nipples or pipe fittings are the same and all serve different purposes. We provide special end finishes for pipe nipples like: Straight pipe thread Roller cut  Reamed and […]

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Offshore Drilling – Oil Rig Pipe and Parts

Detroit Nipple Works supplies pipe nipples, fittings, tube and pipes to the oil industry. This we’ve written about before, but we haven’t really mentioned offshore drilling. In areas of the western or central part of the Gulf of Mexico as well as Florida, oil rigging is very common. When oil is extracted from the ground, […]

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Supplies for Piping Contractors

The Northeastern United States is crazy in the winter. Especially this winter where it seems the temperature is going to be a few degrees colder than other years. It means that your pipes are more in danger than usual from issues like; freezing and expanding, rusting, and leaking or bursting. Damage Caused to Pipes During […]

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Looking For Unique Gifts This Holiday?

Do you know what you’re getting your loved ones for the holidays? Are you still looking for unique gifts that everyone will love? Some special merchandise from their favorite piping manufacturer should do the trick! Unique Gifts For Anyone To Enjoy! We have some great promotional gifts that everyone is sure to love. From t-shirts […]

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316 Nipple Stainless Steel

The 316 nipple is a tough austenitic steel grade generally used in the appliance industry. It is a corrosion resistant nipple typically used for tubing and connections. They are built into applications such as kitchen sinks and oven parts along with many others. Most notably, 316 nipples are used in surgical equipment. The equipment uses […]

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