Malleable Fittings

Malleable fittings or black fittings are made of a soft pliable iron. The pliability of malleable fittings allows them to flex due to temperature or other factors which determined need for malleable fittings to be pliable. Piping that runs different temperature elements, switching from hot to cold, or cold to hot, will expand or contract depending on what is running through. If malleable fittings were not pliable, allowing the flexibility they have, the fitting would crack.  By their very nature flexible malleable fittings are resistant to cracking.

There are many applications in which malleable iron fittings can be used including; air, steam, water, gas, oil, or other fluids. A special galvanized coating is applied to all malleable fittings to protect against corrosion, creating a corrosion resistant fitting for use in all piping applications. Malleable fittings should be used with galvanized pipes and galvanized nipples. Without the galvanized coating, the elements running through the piping would lead to corrosion, releasing Zinc into the running water, air, or gas. To prevent Zinc from being released into the material traveling through malleable iron fittings, they are all galvanized.

Detroit Nipple Works carries malleable fittings in sizes for nearly any type of application you need them for. You can view all of the available sizes in our pipe chart. Before selecting a size, be sure to measure and know exactly what size you will need for your project. An exact fit is very important when creating a connection using malleable fittings.

We now service North Dakota and Minnesota with malleable fittings.