Black and Galvanized Malleable Fittings

What are Black and Galvanized Malleable Fittings?

Black and Galvanized Malleable FittingsIn the simplest terms, a fitting is a sectional used in plumbing that connects two straight pipe pieces together. Fittings come in many shapes and sizes. Also, they are used in instances such as changing the direction of the piping, splitting the flow of the materials. In addition, they adapt the sizing and shape of the piping, just to name a few.

When you have a material to transport that is prone to temperature change malleable materials are necessary to make it happen. They are generally made with a soft iron that is annealed to be able to flex without cracking. Malleable fittings can handle the expansion and contraction that happens with temperature changes in some materials.

Black and galvanized are both types of malleable fillings that each have their own applications for different jobs. Black fittings differ from Galvanized fittings not only in color but what their primary uses are. The fittings gained their name from the black oxide that they are coated with. These fittings are known for their high heat resistance and ability to handle high-pressure material.

Black Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Sometimes Black fittings will be galvanized so they can be used when you need the pipe to be protected from the materials you are transporting. Some materials will cause rust or corrosion inside the pipes that will contaminate any substance transported through these pipes. The galvanizing process is done by coating the pipes in zinc, which essentially seals the pipe from any kind of corrosion.

These fittings are used to transport such materials as air, gas, steam, water, oil, high-pressure materials, and high-temperature materials. When you’re in the market for black and galvanized malleable fittings you need a company with a reputation and the experience to back it up.

Black Galvanized Pipes at Detroit Nipple Works

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