Industrial Stainless Steel Weld Fittings

Industrial Stainless Steel Weld FittingsWith a complete stock of industrial stainless steel weld fittings Detroit Nipple Works can supply you with the stainless steel weld fittings you need for any job. From agricultural uses, to heavy industry uses, even construction.

The uses are endless when it comes to high quality stainless steel weld fittings.

Detroit Nipple Works Stainless Steel Weld Fittings

Stainless steel is a reliable corrosion resistant and temperature resistant steel. It also has many uses in a large variety of industries. At Detroit Nipple Works we can provide you with a large selection weld fittings that you need to get the job done. Stainless Steel Weld Fittings such as:

  • 90 degree elbows
  • 180 degree return bends
  • flanges
  • angle rings
  • threaded adapters
  • caps
  • and much more.

At Detroit Nipple Works we have been working with stainless steel for decades and we can answer any question you may have about stainless steel weld fittings. We can also provide you with a butt weld pipe fitting as well. Butt weld are designed to be welded on site and welded to connect pipes. The difference between a butt weld and a flange, is the flange connects pipes by bolting them together while a butt weld is held together by a weld. A butt weld in general uses less material than a flange which helps reduce cost.

Our inventory of industrial stainless steel weld fittings are made from 304 stainless steel, providing superior durability or longevity with with each use. Stainless steel weld fittings are available in a variety of sizes allowing every industry to find the stainless steel fitting they need.

Shipping is available on all orders of industrial stainless steel weld fittings!

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