Industrial Pipe or Tubing Suppliers Michigan

When searching for high-quality industrial pipe or tubing suppliers, Detroit Nipple Works offers clients top of the line customer service. We also have high-quality products needed to get the job done. As a distributor of stainless steel piping, carbon steel tubing, valves, flanges, and many other products, you are sure to find all of your piping needs in one spot when utilizing Detroit Nipple Works as your go-to supplier.

Located in the heart of Detroit, MI Detroit Nipple works provides materials for plumbing applications. As well as construction applications, automotive applications, and other applications, across the country. All of our products meet specifications and standards, perfect for completing any job at hand.

Looking For an Industrial Pipe or Tubing Suppliers?

From PVC piping to DOM tubing, and everything in between, you can see first hand how our materials are designed and processed to ensure that they are suitable for your applications. If you are in need of materials, contact us today so we can give you any information or help point you to the right products.

As well as materials for getting the job done, we also carry a wide variety of promotional items such as golf shirts, golf balls, cups, hats, and many other accessories. Give us a call and we would love to assist you.

Just remember…..the best nipples come from Detroit!