DOM Stainless Steel Tubing

DOM Stainless steel tubing is manufactured from a wide range of stainless steel grades which is usually martensitic age-hardened stainless steel. Some common grades of stainless steel used to make tubing are types 304, 304L, and 316L. Smooth and seamless, DOM Stainless steel tubing is manufactured by using a drawn-over-mandrel method; tube drawing after electric resistant welding. DOM Stainless steel tubing is used in many different applications which includes construction equipment, automotive parts, and the aerospace industry, where DOM Stainless steel tubing is used for fuel and hydraulic lines.

Why Stainless?

Detroit Nipple Works offers DOM stainless steel tubing in many different tube sizes and specifications. The process makes it stronger and stainless steel makes it corrosion resistant. For many applications especially where aesthetics is important (like roll bars on custom automobile or ATV), DOM Stainless Steel tubing is the clear choice.

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Detroit Nipple Works is a proud supplier of DOM stainless steel tubing from Houston to Atlanta.