DOM Tubing

DOM Tubing

What is DOM Tubing?

Drawn-over-mandrel tubing – DOM tubing is made from a cold-drawn electrical-resistance-welded tube that is drawn through a die and over a mandrel to create such characteristics as dimensional accuracy, dependable weld integrity, and an excellent surface finish. Also, this type of tubing is very cost-effective. Furthermore, the close tolerance of the tube can be used for mechanical parts with little to no downstream processing.

Detroit Nipple Works sells DOM tubing, in many sizes and specifications.

What are the Benefits of using Drawn Over Mandrel Tubing (DOM Tubing)?

  • Uniform grain structure and controlled hardness
  • Uniform wall thickness with close OD and ID tolerances
  • High Tensile and Yield Strength
  • Excellent machining characteristics
  • Smooth and Clean OD and ID surfaces

Finally, at Detroit Nipple Works, we have decades of experience in all types of tubing can help you decide which tubing best fits your needs. Please call 313-872-6370 or uses our easy online Request for Quote Form.