Red Brass Nipples or Pipe Fittings

Red brass nipples or pipe fittings are primarily composed of copper, along with zinc. The composition is generally about 85% copper with the remaining 15% composed of zinc to create a strong, beneficial alloy. These piping or pipe fittings have been developed for the delivery of water in commercial applications.

In many commercial applications, the water being carried through your pipes may be of a higher pressure than home applications. Also, they may also be a much greater volume or mass. Thus necessitating a higher strength of piping or metallic tubing the carry the volume.

Red brass nipples or pipe fittings are highly rust resistant along with resistance to corrosion. While some alloys of metals will be both corrosive or subject to rusting, our brass nipples and pipe fittings will assure that you will not be placed in a situation where you will need to regularly replace your plumbing pipes or nipples.

Durable Red Brass Nipples

The high durability of our red brass pipe fittings or nipples is of great importance too. With high pressure along with high volumes flowing through your pipes, strength is of utmost importance. It guarantees the safety of your operation and your employees. This durability also means that your system will last far beyond the ordinary, thus saving your maintenance or repair costs for a long time.

Because of their composition, our brass pipe fitting or nipples are easy to work with. Anyone with basic plumbing skills can readily work with them. They are easily soldered or brazed. This assures a great connection that will not easily break or leak. This all goes back to the issues of durability and overall strength of the metals being used. Make a good investment by calling Detroit Nipple works to be your supplier and get help by the experts.

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