Special End Finishes Available for Pipe Nipples

Depending on the piping system you are creating for various applications, you may be required to use different types of end finishes on pipe nipples or fittings. Not all pipe nipples or pipe fittings are the same and all serve different purposes. Variations of special end finishes available for pipe nipples are:

  • Straight pipe thread
  • Roller cut 
  • Reamed and chamfered nipple ends
  • Square cut to central access
  • Victaulic cut grooved finish
  • Angle cut end on nipple
  • Tapered end pipe thread

What special end finish pipe fitting do you need?

The type of pipe connections needed varies from job to job. Some piping systems may require a square cut pipe nipple whereas others may require an angle cut pipe nipple. Do you need a straight pipe thread or a tapered pipe thread? All of these questions can be answered based on the application at hand, as well as the material or substance being transferred through the piping system. If you are still indecisive regarding the special end finishes need on the pipe nipple, professionals at Detroit Nipple Works will have the answers to your questions. Contact usSpecial end finishes on pipe nipples

Terms for Pipe Threading

You may find it helpful to know some terms when inquiring about pipe threading on end finishes:

  • Top of the Thread is called the Crest
  • Bottom or Valley between the Crest is the Root.
  • Crest and Root flattened is referred to as Truncated.
  • The slope or angle of the thread sides is the Pitch

Regardless of the specialized type of end finish needed for the application at hand, Detroit Nipple Works can provide you with the right sizes and materials. We fill large or small orders and do custom fabrication as well. Delivery is on time and at competitive prices. Shipping is available throughout the United States.
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