Rebuilding After a Hurricane, Southern Parts Supplier

Rebuilding after the Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida will be a challenging. Because of that, there are many companies from all over the United States heading down south. Their efforts over many months and even years, will be needed to help in the rebuilding. Materials like carbon steel pipe and tubing will be […]

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Buy Steel Tubing For Hydraulic Applications

What are hydraulic system applications? Hydraulic applications are piping systems designed to transfer high-pressure fluid or steam. There is a variety of hydraulic applications used in many industries. Industries like; Oil, Aerospace, Ship Hull Designing, and Machine Manufacturers.  These are just some of the common examples of hydraulic applications in which steel tubing is needed. Why use steel […]

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Oil Production Up in 2017?

Although the oil industry puts out oil production predictions in the United States, each month production in the oil industry changes. It is important to remember that projections can change as the year progresses. Why is this important to us? Well, it affects demand for pipe and pipe nipples and fittings. If and when the […]

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