Buy Steel Tubing For Hydraulic Applications

What are hydraulic system applications? Hydraulic applications are piping systems designed to transfer high-pressure fluid or steam. There is a variety of hydraulic applications used in many industries. Industries like; Oil, Ship Hull Designing, and Machine Manufacturers.  These are just some of the common examples of hydraulic applications in which steel tubing is needed. Why use steel tubing […]

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North Dakota Industrial Hydraulic Pipe Fitting Supplier

North Dakota has become the booming area for industry. Also, with such expansion, new companies and older more established organizations may be in need of a hydraulic pipe fitting supplier. One of the premiere hydraulic pipe fitting suppliers for North Dakota is Detroit Nipple. We also supply to the whole United States.  In addition, at […]

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Industrial Hydraulic Pipe

Carbon steel pipe finds common applications in two major areas; heat transfer in heat condensers and exchangers, and as an industrial hydraulic pipe and pneumatic pipe. This pipe is produced as a seamless pipe, with a final cold draw to guarantee dimensional tolerances and excellent surface finish. In common with other product this cold-drawn carbon steel pipe is […]

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