Uses For Brass Nipples

Brass Nipples

Brass, in general, is rather popular for fittings and pipe. Industrial brass nipples are used in large plumbing systems among other things. Brass offers many advantages over other materials and is favorite materials in certain industries. Brass nipples and pipe have great corrosion resistance.  Because of this, it makes brass a great choice for plumbing. Also, it […]

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Industrial Round Mechanical Tubing

Industrial Round Mechanical Tubing can be made from a variety of metals. Mechanical tubing can be made from carbon steel, alloy steel, and round carbon steel tubing. One of the first types of mechanical tubing is made from carbon steel and known as cold drawn seamless. The cold drawn seamless has an increased strength and tolerance over […]

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Industrial Hydraulic Pipe Fittings

Industrial hydraulic pipe fittings are used to connect pipes and tubes inside a hydraulic system. In a hydraulic system, equipment is usually under extreme pressure and if usually not a fixed system. Furthermore, any type of industrial hydraulic pipe fittings needs to be strong and durable to withstand the everyday pressure it will endure. Within a […]

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