Choosing the Right Valve for Your Job

What kind of valve do you need when you’re working with a high pressure application? How about a low pressure application? What type of valve works best when regulating liquid? If you’ve been pondering these questions in your head then you’ve come to the right place to get those questions answered!

  • Ball Valves If your job involves throttling clear water then the ball valve is the valve for you. Ball valves operate with a ¼ turn and can function fully opened or fully closed. They have low pressure drops which allows them to open or close quickly and because they are so user-friendly it’s easy to maintain or regulate high pressure, high volume, or high flow of temperature with them. powerplant-4-1057533-m
  • Butterfly Valves – Joining ball valves in the “quarter-turn valve” family are butterfly valves. These are the valves for you if you need to prevent back-flow in applications which contain a unidirectional flow. Butterfly valves work great where the regulation or isolation of flow is required. They are normally used for handling large flows of gases or liquids, including slurries (a semiliquid mixture of water blended with particles of manure, cement, or coal). Butterfly valves from Detroit Nipple Works come in many different styles, like wafer-style or lug-style.
  • Gate Valves Designed to operate fully opened or closed, just like ball valves, gate valves are most often used to allow or prevent the flow of liquids when minimum restriction or straight line flow is preferred. They prevent fluid hammer, which can harm piping systems, and they provide a positive seal under pressure when used in a fully closed state. They are not designed to regulate the flow of liquid, so be sure to use them either fully closed or fully open at all times.
  • Globe Valves – Unlike gate valves, globe valves do regulate the flow of liquids within a pipeline. Globe valves have an unobstructed flow and also prevent fluid hammer because they close slowly. They are most suited for applications that are usually shut unless liquid is being used. Gate valves from Detroit Nipple Works come in two-port, three-port or angle globe valves depending on the angle in which you are configuring flow. Their “Z” pattern makes it so that they restrict more flow than gate, butterfly, or ball valves, so take that into consideration when making your selection.

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