Pipe Threading and Cutting What You Should Know

Pipe Threading

One of the many services offered by Detroit Nipple Works is pipe threading and cutting. When it comes to threading there are many aspects you should know about the process and what constitutes a good thread. The purpose of threading pipe is to provide a good seal for pipes that will be transporting things such as […]

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History of Pipe Threading and Standards

The history of pipe and pipe threading dates back to development in 1820 by Robert Briggs at Pascal Iron Works of the Morris Tasker Co. Located in Philadelphia PA, Robert created his first gage in 1834 to examine internal pipe threads. By 1862, he established a mating threaded ring gage for external pipe threads. It was […]

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Special End Finishes Available for Pipe Nipples

Depending on the piping system you are creating for various applications, you may be required to use different types of end finishes on pipe nipples or fittings. Not all pipe nipples or pipe fittings are the same and all serve different purposes. Variations of special end finishes available for pipe nipples are: Straight pipe thread Roller cut  […]

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