5 Most Common Uses for Grooved Piping Systems

Are you preparing to create a piping system? Trying to figure out what type of pipe, fittings, couplings, or pipe joints are best for the application at hand? Have you thought about utilizing groove cut pipe to get the job done? Cut grooving for pipe as it is often referred to, is a process where a groove […]

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Construction Spending Rising All Over the U.S.

Did you know that the amount of money being spent on construction in the United States is as high as it’s been in four years? The Commerce Department in Washington reported last month that in July of this year, “outlays climbed 0.6 percent to a $900.8 billion annual rate, the most since June 2009.” Big […]

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Energy Efficient Elements and Gas Lines in Detroit

During the past 20 years, energy efficiency is something our society has become very concerned about. Energy efficiency is reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services and does concern Detroit. Energy companies have offered audits to households all over Michigan to determine how much energy their home uses and what they […]

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