Brass Pipes

The brass pipes carried at Detroit Nipple Works are great in a plumbing environment as well as oil, gas, steam applications, and for hot water distribution lines. Because hot water rusts steel pipes at a much quicker pace than cold water does, brass pipes are the better bet in these situations. Brass pipes on hot water lines do not color water a reddish color quite like steel pipes do. Brass pipes tend to have a longer life as a result.

There are many other reasons to use high-quality brass pipes from Detroit Nipple Works because they are:

  • As advantageous as copper except their walls are heavier
  • Easy to install
  • Resistant against corrosion
  • Resistant to attacks by salt water or acid
  • Resistant to the minerals or peaty soils found in water

The softness of the brass makes for a tight seal. Iron pipes or galvanized pipes are less expensive than brass but that’s mostly because they lack several of brass pipes’ advantages, such as their ability to bend or thread without as much complication as a steel pipe. Because brass pipes do not rust, you can use a size smaller than you would a steel pipe without sacrificing water volume.

Brass Pipe Fittings and More! 

Since brass pipe typically comes in 12-foot lengths, it should be stored where it can be properly supported, which is on the floor or a long shelf. Brass pipe is threaded at each end and then screwed into fittings or couplings. As mentioned, brass pipe is softer to the touch than steel pipe or iron pipe, so it can be easily nicked or marked up by tools. So when installing, approach it the same way you would approach installing a steel pipe, except use friction clamps and wrenches. Brass pipe dies should be used as the threading of your brass pipe.

You’ll also want to reem the brass pipe once it is cut. All pipes subjected to water flow should be reamed because installing pipes of the proportionate size, only to fail to remove burrs that appear while cutting some pipes, diminishes the bore at some fittings and does not represent good plumbing.

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